Only the talent obtains the design!

We carry out structures and furniture by carefully selecting materials and best techniques. Forms, volumes, colors, etc., is the outcome of the close collaboration with the design teams.

We undergo continuously education in order to develop both nationally and internationally in the design, production and organization. Grupo Ramón García wants to create value for its stakeholders and achieve the visions and demands made by the market.



Canal contract is associated with markets that are defined within the habitat or decoration.Within the area canal contract Ramón García focus on the design and manufacture of furniture in public areas such as shops, hotels, restaurants and bars, etc., and working in many different materials and techniques.

We have machines for the realization of parts in the acrylic stone. HI-MACS® has been developed by LG Huasys, one of the largest companies of the world in science and technology. A mixture of acrylic, natural minerals and pigments is forming in a mold. The result is an aesthetically pleasing and durable material, natural acrylic stone.



Adaptability, understanding and coexistence with the project, participation and close cooperation with customers, meet and exceed expectations, resulting in a unique performance of integrated devices for use in leisure and consumption.



Since our inception the carpentry work has formed a central part of our range of services. The numerous works carried out for both private and public clients, each one with its special design, type of furniture, colors...

Pol Industrial Merelle,
Parcelas 86/87/88
15680 Ordes (A Coruña) Spain
tfn (+34) 881 255 653