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Inauguration Parador Costa da Morte

Inauguration Parador Costa da Morte

The interior design of the Parador “Costa da Morte” has within itself a special vision of Galicia, ist surroundings and traditions. Faced with the challenge of projecting the interior design of this architectural work located in a singular place, without a doubt, had to seek inspiration from it and wink at our traditions and legends to offer the visitor a unique and enriching experience.

On the gorund floor, the counters are a simile of the result of the strong tides that give this coast its name and how the rocks of the cliffs break with the force taht it brinngs. A wooden structure reminds us of the conger eel dryers that mark, part of the local culture. A huge metal lamp in the shape of fishing creels that also highlight the poweful fishing activity in the region.

Two of the most representative stones of Galicia, visited by hundreds of people as a part of popular culture on the Camino de Fisterra-Muxía, are design by seats in the waiting area.

Descending throught the building we arrive at the restaurant where the magical Galician forest invades us the leaves of the trees separate the tables and an extensive curtain penetrates the setting like the mist that covers the trees. Another staple characteristic of Galicia is the piers and the colors of the fishing boast that we abstractly reinterpreted in the cafeteria. The textile panels are the reflection of these boats in the water intermingling like the paintings on a canvas.

We arrive at our room, where as soon as we enter, we will find an extension of what we see through the window, the headboard is one of the beach bowls so charasteristic of the Galician coast invaded by colored lichens, the nightstands of the tree roots that protect from the strong winds and the bathtub separator, a long slope covered in Toxo in tis green and yellow tones.