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Capilla Pazo a Toxeiriña

Moraña (Spain)
About This Project
November 20 Finished Project

Since 1901, in Moraña, a Galician enclave located in the middle of nature, is the Pazo A Toxeiriña, a place dedicated exclusively to social events.

We face the project of giving a new identity to the Pazo chapel, where tradition and respect are key in its design

More than 300 points of light from Edison type bulbs of different sizes and shapes give a new look to Pazo a Toxeiriña.

We accompany them with large candles forming a luminescent set that gives a great theatricality to the Pazo chapel, creating a magical atmosphere.

We completed this project, carried out in partnership with Sutega, with some beautiful rugs that cover part of the floor, giving the place a cozy feeling.