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Parador Costa da Morte

Muxía (España)
Hotel industry
About This Project
Junio 20 Finished Project



The Parador Costa da Morte project was born from the alliance between the Ramón García Group and Sutega, which resulted in “Natura”, a unique design in an environment like no other. Through 100% Galician talent and resources, we achieve an exceptional representation of A Costa da Morte.

Throughout the project we make references to elements of the environment characteristic of the area, which enhance the character of the Parador. We can see clear similes with the sea, the stones, trees or piers that represent Costa da Morte and Galicia throughout the project.

The “Natura” project involves the traditions of Muxía, the Galician landscapes, the vegetation, the characteristic plants of the area and the meteorological phenomena, creating a space to enjoy and soak up Galicia, so beautiful and magical.

“Oh land, then and now, always fertile and beautiful”
Rosalia de Castro