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Vagú Bogota Jewelry & Boutique

Bogotá (Colombia)
About This Project
March 2018 Finished project


Vagú is a family business founded in 2006 and has more than 20 years of experience in jewelery. Currently, Vagú not only enjoys the solid reputation inherent to high jewelery and watchmaking brands, but also stands out for its exceptional know-how and its deep-rooted commitment to excellence and quality.

Vagú understands luxury as a necessity, and that is why its goal goes beyond offering only valuable items, but also seeks to ensure a luxurious experience for all visitors.

Vagú has four branches: the first and main one, located in the city of Caracas (Venezuela). The second one is at the Maiquetia International Airport (Venezuela). The third one is at Bogota (Colombia) and the fourth one is at the city center of Miami.

Vagú has trusted us to design its boutique at the Maiquetia International Airport (Venezuela). We tryed to reflect the values of the brand, so we used barocco marble, high gloss ebony combined with gold and super matte black, all of this with exceptional finishes, representing what Vagú and Grupo Ramón García are.