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Grupo Ramón García and Dual T&D: 5 years of success shaping future professionals


Grupo Ramón García and Dual T&D: 5 years of success shaping future professionals

The company expresses a highly positive assessment of the benefits that Dual T&D brings to both the company and the students, contributing to the development of future professionals within the Dual T&D modality since 2019.

A new year of students from the dual modality of the Higher Training in Design and Furniture at the CIFP Politécnico de Santiago, who will soon commence their practical training at Grupo Ramón García, have visited, along with their tutors, the company facilities in Mesía and Ordes.

This visit represents an opportunity for the students to get acquainted with their new environment and to gain a comprehensive understanding of how  Grupo Ramón García creates comprehensive and flexible solutions for interior furnishings, starting with the technical development phase of the project and ending with the manufacturing and installation phases of contract furniture and carpentry work.

It will serve as the precursor to a comprehensive development program that Grupo Ramón García has prepared to guide a new generation of talent in discovering their potential, gaining learning, skills, and confidence in a real work environment. A grounding that will provide the student valuable experience and security, while simultaneously receiving a guaranteed financial compensation and accumulating Social Security contributions.

Former students who have benefited from an internship program within the company often highlight the insight and knowledge gained from the variety of projects in sectors such as retail, hospitality, restaurants, and offices, among others. They also appreciate the diversity of departments, expressing particular satisfaction with the collaborative and welcoming work environment, as well as the support from leaders and the family-like spirit within the company.

Alba García Candal, coordinator of the project at Grupo Ramón García, emphasizes the mutuak satisfaction with the Dual T&D program: ‘For us, it is highly motivating to contribute to the development of talent in the industry, providing them with tools to face their professional future successfully.  At the same time, it is a learning opportunity for the company and a chance to build a relationship that often leads to employment contracts.’

Nicolás Espasandín Gerpe, Director of CIFP Politécnico de Santiago, also corroborates the success of the program: ‘The public-private collaboration established in dual training and development, as in this case with the company Ramón García, significantly enriches the students’ education and is a guarantee of a successful future career.’

This will be the third year in the dual modality within the Wood and Furniture faculty for Grupo Ramón García. The students will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of areas and innovative projects, with ongoing support from their mentor and the rest of the team. They will be provided with a conducive and pleasant environment for their development, both professionally and personally.


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