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Ramón García Kitchens Showroom: inspiring design and impeccable workmanship to enhance the customer experience

Ramón García Kitchens Showroom: inspiring design and impeccable workmanship to enhance the customer experience

The strategic design of architect Iván Cotado and the excellence in workmanship of the Ramón García Group come together to create a unique space in Perillo (A Coruña), where selecting the perfect kitchen becomes a sensory experience.

A perfectly designed kitchen, equipped with the latest technology and high quality materials, contributes to the style and harmony of the home, providing a value that will stand the test of time.

The importance of correctly selecting a kitchen adapted to the needs and personality of each family is reflected in the versatility of this space and its contribution to the improvement of the daily experience: a place to unleash gastronomic creativity or a social meeting point in which to enjoy its esthetic as well as its functionality, together with other possibilities.

And in this search for the perfect kitchen the strategic design of architect Iván Cotado and the excellence in execution of the Ramón García Group comes into play at the majestic showroom of Ramón García Kitchens, in Perillo (A Coruña).

Exploring the showroom: a landmark space in the kitchen industry

The Ramón García Kitchens showroom is a unique space that is akin to a themed kitchen center and makes it easy for the customer to enjoy the experience of finding their ideal kitchen.

It welcomes the visitor with the exhibition of 5 kitchens that reflect the wide spectrum of Ramón García’s work. An Eco kitchen, in line with current sustainable trends; Tech, a kitchen with high technological evolution; Chef, a professional line adapted to the home; Urban, a kitchen with casual and urban lines for a young public; and the Tradition kitchen, aimed at a more conservative and traditional public.

It continues with an area for personalized attention leading to the showroom, a surprisingly place due to its similarity to a space for the exhibition of jewelry, with the tour concluding in a meeting room, another example of the technological cleanliness, quality and precision of the finishes of the showroom of Ramón García Kitchens.

Every last detail is taken care of, including a children’s room created for children to have fun and enjoy the experience as well.


Transforming inspiration into reality: high quality materials, unique finishes and excellent workmanship

The excellence in the execution of the project carried out by the Ramón García Group, a reference in the European market, with more than 40 years of experience, which offers comprehensive solutions in all phases of the project, from design to installation, is evident in the quality of the materials and the innovative finishes of the Ramón García Kitchens Showroom.

The great capabilities and resources, both technical and human, as well as the flexibility to work with various formats and solutions, are reflected in every detail of the premises. A sublime corridor with a ceiling composed of transversal slats of Zebrano wood with a deep grain and an arrangement inspired by the way boards are stacked in a carpentry shop; the inclusion of the strong aesthetic power of KrionⓇ or the elegance of ash wood, as well as the incomparable quality of metallic and high-gloss lacquers, the result of a painstaking R&D process.


The result of this perfect combination. A unique space that is necessary to know closely where the customer is the protagonist and can experience their ideal kitchen before Ramón García transforms it into reality.

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